The Full Option

We're making room for more!


The Full Option is MSR Design’s recommended plan for a larger library and thoughtfully responds to our community’s feedback, effectively use available land for an expansion and considers Bentonville values.

Space Use

Utilize site for outdoor programming with learning gardens, outdoor reading rooms, play areas and walking paths. Landscape design and improvements not included in cost estimate scope. Majority of the current building is well utilized, however the following changes would optimize:

  • More study rooms
  • Children’s area updating/expansion
  • Addition of Activity Room that is centrally located for all ages to access.
  • Addition of Large Meeting room for 300+ people
  • Arts / crafts and other lifelong learning skills classes can be held in the Activity Room
  • Children’s area connection to outdoor program space
  • Adult access to outdoor reading/program
  • Community Hub for new + regular visitors
Access + 21st Century Skills
  • Improve bike path and pedestrian access to avoid traffic jams near parking
  • The building itself could be used as a teaching tool in 21st Century Skills programs on Environmental Literacy.
  • ~$15 million estimated project cost
  • Additional budget considerations (p. 166-169)
Future Investigation
  • Collection growth needs to be re-evaluated at project start
  • Secondary access and entries / security
  • Parking
  • Bicycle path relocation + bicycle parking
  • Improve staff space efficiency
  • Sight lines to exterior from youth staff
space use programs2x spaces v2 budget v2 future

Site Plan

26,555 SF addition, 38,500 SF existing, 65,055 SF total


Fit Plan

Furniture layout confirms square footages and scale for space use



Bubble Diagram

Space connectivity and service areas by audience and function


Renovation Diagram

A visual illustration of new construction and interior renovation

Space Attributes

Improvements, furnishings & functions

Highlights & Programs

Spaces, services & square footages

Cost Estimate

Budget considerations

Community Connections

Art, cycling & Bentonville values

About the Full Option

The full option is a larger, more developed plan by MSR Design that fully addresses the community’s wishes for Bentonville Library; the full option is the firm’s recommended plan.

Because bond option amenities are the library’s highest priorities, they are included in the full option in an intentional manner. Amenities and expansion opportunities revealed in the full option will require additional private funding to meet the community’s vision for our library.

The endeavor will require a public/private partnership, similar to the 2006 construction of BPL’s current facility, a very successful project nearly 15 years ago. The Bentonville Library Foundation (501c3 charitable organization) is committed to supporting the Library’s expansion project. Learn about ways to give to the building fund at